DeeAnn Dawson is fifty-two, divorced, a mother, a grandmother, and an office assistant at Copper Investigations, a private investigation firm.

She’s also a murder suspect.

When DeeAnn finds her boss, Gary Copper, dead in the office she shared with him, she becomes Phoenix Police Detective Colter Wyatt’s prime suspect. After she inherits Gary’s business and everything else he owned, she becomes Detective Wyatt’s only suspect.

Why would Gary leave everything to her? Especially his business. Does she have what it takes to be a private investigator? Kayla Weston, DeeAnn’s best friend, believes she does and is anxious to take on the role of DeeAnn’s assistant and help her deal with the cases —and clients—Gary left behind.

But first, DeeAnn needs to find out who ended Gary’s life, and at the same time, convince a certain police detective that she’s not a killer.

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Desert Deception - Short Story Cover