Cameron Branch died from injuries sustained in a horrific car crash on an Arizona freeway. Michael Branch, one of the wealthiest men in Arizona, claims his daughter was murdered and enlists Luke Palmer to find her killer. But working the case means Luke will cross paths with Detective Roberta Johannsen, who harbors a strong resentment towards him, dating back to Luke’s time on the police force.

Luke’s problems get worse when Samantha Harrington asks him to help her find the maniac who caused the near-fatal car accident of her best friend, Jordan Holloway. Because of his strong aversion to reporters, Luke wants to pass on working with Samantha again, but he can’t deny the similarities in the Branch and Holloway cases.

When Detective Johannsen learns about Jordan Holloway, she’s reminded of a cold case from her early days as a detective. Is it possible all three cases are related? And could there be more victims?

With a second attempt made on Jordan’s life, Samantha, Luke, and Detective Johannsen must work fast to not only keep Jordan safe, but to prevent a cold-blooded killer from claiming more lives.

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Desert Deception - Short Story Cover