YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME by Debra Ann Dotson (2012)

When a woman in Denver is brutally murdered, Detective Cole Jameson lands the case. It’s not long before he realizes he’s dealing with a serial killer. After investigating several murder scenes and going several weeks with very little sleep, he is no closer to finding the murderer than he was after the first death. When the killings suddenly and unexplainably stop, he decides to leave Denver and return to his hometown, hoping to put the case he couldn’t solve behind him.

Soon after he arrives in Phoenix, Sara Jenkins, a friend of Cole’s sister, begins receiving mysterious letters, and they are all too familiar to Cole. Is it possible they’re from the Denver serial killer? When Cole and his partner are summoned to the home of a slain woman, he’s certain it’s the handiwork of the same cold-blooded killer.

Can Detective Jameson solve the case this time? Can he solve it before Sara becomes the next victim? Time is running out to hunt down the killer who warns his victims, “You can’t hide from me.”

Available in ebook and print!

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