It's hot. Even for dogs.

It’s hot. And I’m cranky. (Usually, I’m just cranky.)

That’s about all there is to say when it’s 100° at 9 a.m. and 117° by 2 p.m.

Air Conditioner Don’t Die on Me!

My air conditioner clicks off for about 30 seconds before it starts up again. Not good. I’m sitting here praying it can handle the stress. Please, don’t die on me now!

And the more it turns on, the more I see my electric bill soar. I hope I can afford to pay the bill when it arrives. I may need to get another job.

I’m Rationing Food

I’m starting to ration food. Not because I don’t have the funds to buy more. It’s because I don’t want to drive one mile to the grocery store. It’s not the drive that I mind. It’s walking from the car to the store that worries me. But what’s worse is walking from the store to the car and standing in the hot, blazing sun as I load the groceries into the trunk.

Sure, I could order groceries online. I could pick them up and have a store employee load them into my trunk. I could even have the groceries delivered. But the thought of having someone else suffer in the heat, doing something that I don’t want to do myself, doesn’t sit well with me.

So, I’ll just have to make do with what food I have. Hopefully, I can make it last until Monday, when the temperature is expected to dip below 110. Break out the jackets!

Even the Pool Doesn’t Help

I hear the neighbor’s kids outside in the pool. Less than 30 minutes later, they’re back inside. It’s a bad sign when kids don’t want to stay in the pool.

There is a Bright Side

But in all fairness, there is one good thing about Phoenix in the summer. The weeds can’t survive—no pulling or spraying is required. They die on their own. Or maybe they’re just smart enough to stay underground until it cools off. Smart weeds.

Yes, my brain is fried.

It’s hot.